Low Protein Cat Food

5 Precious Tips to Help You Get Better At Low Protein Cat Food

When searching for cat food, it is majorly said that cats need high protein food to function at their best. However, at the same time, there are many cats that are told to be or prescribed by the vet itself to have a diet that is low in protein. However, it is important to know what exactly is meant by low protein. Low protein doesn’t mean foods that are deprived of protein. Cats are born omnivores and need protein to function.

However, diets that are made for cats with low protein are not less of protein in quality but in quantity. What this means is that the low protein cat food that the cat gets has highly processed protein in it which is less in quantity as compared to the regular diet so that the cat can easily digest it. This means that even the low protein diet that has been prescribed by the doctor to your cat will not do any harm and that it will also be a balanced diet.

A Balanced Diet

Liver and kidney diseases can be best avoided when the hydrolysed protein cat food has been prescribed. This is a very balanced meal which can help your cat grow. Every pet has different sets of needs with a different body structure that varies greatly from one another. For every pet, a diet should be prescribed in a way that makes it even more productive and helps it grow. Hydrolysed protein cat food is an extremely balanced meal that is curated with protein in a limited quantity that might count on to around 12 percent. It is also made of other fibers and vitamins as well, making sure that cat gets everything it needs from this balanced diet.

Hydrolyzed Protein Cat Food

The Battle of Wet Food and Dry Food

Cat food is usually available in the state of wet or dry. They both are equally balanced when it comes to nutrients that a cat needs. The only difference being that of the amount of moisture content that is present in the wet food is significantly and obviously high as compared to dry food. Many people have differing opinions on which one is better so it is relative. Many vets suggest dry food as it helps in the development of the teeth of the cat. However, that doesn’t mean canned wet food is bad either.

Balanced Food Available

While talking about wet food, there are many foods available in the market. To name a few best low protein wet cat food, here are the following:

  • Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Renal Support D Morsels in Gravy Canned Cat Food
  • Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets NF Kidney Function Advanced Care Formula Canned Cat Food
  • Evanger’s Low Fat Vegetarian Dinner Canned Dog & Cat Food, 12.8-oz

These are a few products that fall under low protein as well as canned wet food that is available in the market.

Now we come to the dry food. There are many brands that offer the best low protein dry cat food as well. Here are a few mentioned:

  • Hill’s RX Diet Feline k/d (Dry)
  • Purina NF Kidney Function Cat Food


Any kind of food wet or dry is balanced. It is personal preference as to which food you want to feed your cat. Every cat might have different needs and wants too. Some might naturally prefer wet whereas some might like dry. However, it is a must that a balanced diet is given that has a good quantity of protein which is easy to digest for kitties.

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