Do Cats Bleed When In Heat

Do Cats Bleed When in Heat?

Females mammals go through a cycle which prepares them for mating & reproducing. The time period & at what age in an animals’ lifetime will they go through this reproduction cycle varies for different species & different animals in that species. When any female member starts these reproduction cycle, she enters her puberty.

The cycle for cats is called estrous cycle & it consists of several stages. This stage is called “estrus” for cats; while the estrus cycle goes on the cat is referred to as “in heat”. The question arises, do cats bleed when in heat? The bleeding is very occasionally seen in cats because they tend to reabsorb the old lining of uterus & would not bleed it out.

Estrous Cycle & its Stages

The heat period for only some time during the estrous cycle even though it may seem the cat is always on estrus. There are four stages in the estrous cycle, to begin with:


The earliest stage of a cat’s reproductive cycle; there are slight symptoms of being in heat can be seen. Cat here try to attract the male but won’t allow them to mate just yet.


The period of cats when the sexual desires are at its peak & they would mate the first chance they get. Cats in heat painful, they may show some weird behavioral changes like loud screams (sometimes it is a signal for her mate, but we cannot tell the difference).  


The cat has now satisfied her sexual desires & would reject any mate at this stage. They can even get aggressive about it sometimes. This is sometimes considered like ‘periods’ as in human female although bleeding is not observed.


The end of an estrous cycle where the cat is least active & lazy; once the cycle is at the end a new cycle begins if the cat is not pregnant due to the previous cycle.

Cats In Heat Painful

The various symptoms that show a cat is in heat are:

  • Rubbing face on furniture around
  • Spray Urine
  • Demanding more than ever
  • Vocalizing (howling loudly)
  • An urge to go outside all the time
  • Rolling on the floor
  • Doing tricks with hind legs like rising in air or wiggling

The Occurrence of Heat

The heat cycle in cats are seasonal; therefore, they are called seasonal polyestrous. This means they can have several cycles while the breeding period is going on; this period depends on the environment which the cat lives in.

Most of the cats’ breed after the spring season starts as the natural warmth & longer days filled with sunlight exposures acts as a trigger to their breeding. It also depends on which region the cat lives in the tropical or northern hemisphere.

A cat can hit the puberty around 4 months’ time & go through the first cycle at the age of 6 months. The cycle lasts for an approximate for ten days or a week she either achieves pregnancy during this time or the cycle reoccurs after a few weeks. The whole estrous cycle lasts for about 1 to 6 weeks & average length of the cycle in most cats is 3 to 4 weeks.

Make Your Cat Comfortable When in Heat

Cats can be dramatic during their heat & hard to deal with; you mostly don’t know what to do when your cat is in heat. Here are some ways to calm your cat in her excited state:

Give Them Attention

This works most effectively cats are an oddball creature & totally enjoy the attention. They don’t like being ignored; brush her hairs, pet her, talk to her, show your affection.

Provide Them Space

Give them a separate area for themselves outside & make them comfortable here, so they don’t go off & roam around.

Veterinary Assistance

The artificial injection is also a good way to satisfy your cat’s needs if they are not getting enough opportunity to mate.

Spay Your Cat

This is the best way to handle it, your cat won’t experience heat ever again & also avoids unwanted pregnancies. You don’t have to handle a cat that is super excited.

Wrap Up

Here is the whole coverage for do cats bleed when in the heat; for all the people who have cat issues. Hope this is useful while taking care of your cat.

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