How To Give a Cat a Bath

How to Give a Bath to Your Cat and Kitten?

Many people are now rearing cats as pets. In the past, Dogs used to be the favorite pet kind but; Cats have earned a special place also in the pet kingdom. According to the American veterinary association, many houses in the US have cats more than dogs. There are many kinds of cats available to have one as a pet.

There are many reasons to show that cats are better pets than dogs despite the dog’s faith and genuine nature. There are many mysterious things about cats, Their behavior and many questions like how to give a cat a bath, How to make my cat social and more. Let’s see answers to these questions in this article.

Why Cats are Being Preferred Than Dogs as Pets These Days?

The following reasons tell the answer to the above question.

  • Rearing a cat is cheaper when compared to that of a dog.
  • As many people tend to live in apartments, Cats fit as an ideal pet to rear in an apartment.
  • Cats have mood swings like they don’t feel too sad and depressed when you leave them, they have quite playful moods.
  • They can live for a longer time and they were once worshipped by Egyptians. Therefore, some people may think cats are bad, some feel blessed to rear cats.
  • The best thing about cats is that they groom themselves. But, they shed a lot of furs. But bathing kittens and cats is a must.
  • But, Cats also give birth to the prettiest kittens that are too adorable to look at.

How To Wash a Cat

Why Cats Need a Bath?

If cats can groom themselves, why do they need a bath? Most pets require a nice shampoo bath as a human does. But the question is how to wash a cat? We are no experts in cat washing or grooming techniques. Because of this reason, one cannot afford dollars for a cat wash in a luxurious cat salon by spending hard earned money and time. The solution to this question is to know washing a cat by many sources available as this article is.

But most of the domestic cats don’t like getting wet. This is because it becomes hard for them to get dry after getting soaked in water because of the thick fur coats. But, bathing kittens is necessary when they are newly born or brought from an animal shelter. Bathing is essential when a cat is filled with mud, or sneaked in a chimney or played under rain and mud and so on to avoid any fungal infections. You can also choose an automatic cat litter box for your cat.

Things You Need for Washing a Cat

Washing a cat and bathing kittens is a no joke. These things will be needed for washing a cat.

  • Rubber gloves to rub the fur gently.
  • Cat shampoo as there are many brands readily available in many pet stores.
  • Big cotton towel to dry the cat.
  • Cotton balls to clean its ears.
  • Large pitcher to gently rinse any shampoo residue in cat’s fur.
  • If one cannot find a cat shampoo, one can use mild baby shampoo. But, using human cleansing products on the cat will irritate the cat’s eyes and skin.
  • Before taking a cat shampoo, one has to consult a veterinarian. If not possible, try to look for hypoallergenic, antifungal shampoo by taking many review considerations.

Steps to be Done While Giving Bath to a Cat

The question one has while owning a cat, is how to wash a cat? Yes, as humans follow steps to clean themselves, there are steps to be followed to clean a cat as well. Let’s see a few of them in this article.

  • Place the cat in a tub of lukewarm water. If not, place the cat in a sink filled with lukewarm water. But for bathing kittens,a tub is preferred.
  • Wet the cat from shoulders to tail and gently apply shampoo on the cat.
  • Lather and rinse the cat and first wipe the cat’s face as many cats hate water.
  • Clean the ears of the cat and transfer the cat in a nice clean towel and pat dry the cat.
  • Cats with thick fur may need to get blow dried because the water should not be too long in cat’s fur. Make sure the cat is completely dried after a wash. Click here to chose the best kitten food.
  • If possible, clip the nails and cat conditioners are also available. If possible, apply conditioner for glossy and good fur.


This article answers the question of how to give a cat a bath. Step by step procedure of cleaning a cat is described in this article.

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