How Long Does a Cat Stay In Heat

How to Treat a Cat in Heat?

Many cat owners might not know the pregnancy symptoms and the pregnancy changes that happen in a cat. Before pregnancy, the cat stays in heat more like hormonal changes in a human body. As most of us are not cat experts, many of us will have questions like what is cat’ s heat, How does cat react in heat, how long does a cat stay in heat, remedies for cat heat and many more. Yes, we have to take care of our cat and its health and this is a major health issue for a cat. Let’s find out answers in this article.

What is a Cat in Heat?

  • A female cat will go into heat that is ready to mate for every three to four weeks.
  • Normally, cats become sexually mature at the age of six months. Cats become sexually stimulated during the months of March to September in North America.
  • An indoor feline which is under the influence of artificial light for a day can easily go out at any hour of the day.
  • A well-fed cat may come to heat at five months of age. Therefore, Food availability for the cat also plays a role in getting the cat to heat.
  • Normally, a cat stays in heat for a week or two. During heat days, Cat may become restless, more hungry, show more affection and screech and how to get the attention of male cats. These are the basic symptoms of the behavior of a cat in heat.
  • How long is a cat in heat is a difficult question to answer as the answer is variable. A cat can be in heat for seven days. If she does not mate, she might come into heat again in a couple of weeks. On average, the heat cycle will be around three to four weeks.

How Long Is a Cat In Heat

Remedies for a Cat in the Heat

How long is a cat in heat is a tough question and an unsprayed female cat will come to heat which is inevitable. But, First, Treating a cat in heat at home is an important one. Showing some affection towards the cat and keeping her in a clean hot litter box would help her in her heat cycle. Some points that are useful for a cat in heat remedy are as shown below.

  • A cat in heat will show physical and behavioral changes as discussed above. Notice these symptoms in your cat. Normally, a cat in heat will raise its pelvis up and shifts its tail to one side when in heat that is it is ready to mate.
  • As your cat screeches to pursue the attention from male cats, Try to isolate your cat from male cats. Don’t even show a male cat’s trace to your cat. This is the main point to be followed on a cat in heat remedy.
  • Make your cat sit on a warm or heat pad. Try to calm your cat by giving her the stress busters like catnip, balls and more. Try to spend time with your cat as it craves for affection these days.
  • There are many herbal remedies readily available in the market to calm your cat. Try them on your cat as they are usually successful. If not, try other methods like spraying and keeping her indoors at all times.
  • Feliway diffusers can be used in a home before spring. This is a synthetic cat pheromone that calms the cat.
  • Female cats in heat tend to leave a scent in urine so as to attract male toms out in the wild. Therefore, keep your cat in a clean box and if your cat leaves scent outside the box, Clean and deodorize the scent. But, don’t clean using ammonia as ammonia is already present in the urine of a female cat.
  • Spraying the cat means removing her ovaries and preventing the heat cycle. Therefore, the cat can’t be pregnant afterward and prevents from having reproductive cancers. This is the main point for a cat in heat remedy.
  • But, even after surgery, some cats go into heat, If happens, consult a veterinarian. If you cannot afford the surgery, Lookout for low-cost sprays services that are available on USDA website.
  • Hormonal therapy can be used as a last resort to stop the cat’s heat cycle. But, it has serious issues like uterine infections.


This article answers the typical question in Cat rearing how long does a cat stay in heat and the remedies to be followed for a cat in heat. Though these remedies work, one has to consult a veterinarian frequently if the condition of heat persists in your cat.

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