Why Is My Cat Throwing Up

Why is My Cat Throwing Up?

All the cat owner has come across a situation where they are helpless about, “why is my cat throwing up”. It is a nightmare to get up someday & see an unexpected liquid mess on your carpet & find out your cat is throwing up. Vomiting is usually caused by some unwanted food or something else the cat ate that just ends up in an upset stomach. Vomiting sometimes also show essential changes in a cat’s body over time because when the cat grows old their undergoes changes. Check out this article about best dry kitten food.

All the cat owners are aware of the signs of tummy trouble for their cats. Cats are very expressive with their audible meow screeches, strained gaggling & extending their necks again & again. These are the exact symptoms that your cat throwing up food but acting normal cause in just a minute after you will be cleaning the messy carpet & the cat will be playing around normally. As now the tummy is no longer upset as all the trash has been vomited on the carpet.

Reasons for Vomiting

Even the most experienced pet parents don’t like the cat throwing up, but you must understand the reason why it is happening. Cats need care & are high maintenance pets when it comes to taking care of all their needs. Here are some reasons as to why your cat is throwing up:


One of the most come causes of vomiting, this is considered very normal. Your cat eating a plant from the back yard can also cause this, it is not a painful process. You must still look out for your cat’s health if they haven’t vomited a hairball in a long while. Hairballs can surely cause a problem in the intestine of the cat.

Fast Eating

Some time due to sheer excitement regarding somethings cats eat too fast & too much for their own stomach without knowing. This causes their stomach lining to expand fast quickly, the body reacts by sending the brain a regurgitation signal. In this case, it’s not vomiting exactly cause the situation is your cat throwing up liquid. This fluid is mostly transparent & doesn’t have any semisolid material.

My Cat Throwing Up Bile

Eating Things Out of Curiosity

There are few things like grass, toilet paper, overhanging bedsheet, etc. these may be interesting for the cat. Out of curiosity to know what this exactly is the cat may eat it & later vomit it cause their system can’t take it. Here are some suggestions about the best cat tree for large cats.

They Like the Toy

Be careful when your cat likes a toy very much; cats show their affection this way for the objects. While being affectionate to it they may swallow small parts of it. Toy-like a wool ball, string connected toys, small parts of toys. These can easily enter their digestive system & then cause harm to intestine & stomach. It is considered good that the cat vomited it out as it avoids a vet visit for surgery of the pet.

Parasite & Food Allergies

The cat has some infection or some foreign bacteria in their system then probable they may not accept food & vomit it out.

Types of Vomit

Vomits are a sure way to know how good is the health of the cat & whether it should be taken to veterinarian or not.

Undigested Food

This is very common for cats; they often eat things that either don’t suit them or are not to be eaten at all. But if this happens without any of the above-listed reasons it shows that the digestive system of cat has some obstacle in.


One of the worst-case scenarios “my cat throwing up bile” for any pet owner. The yellow foamy liquid vomit can indicate kidney problems, infection & endocrine related issues.


Although cat throwing up is a normal process in their system, but the pet owners must also pay attention. You must close attention to their diets & if the cat eats fast to give it less food cause the diet matters. Be careful of what toys you give your cat to play. Be attentive towards their health, a simple preventive measure today can be helpful for your pet’s wellbeing.

Wrap Up

Here is all the information you need about “my cat throwing up” cases & be prepared to clean the mess & take care of your fuzzy ball cats.

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